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EDIH Network Annual Summit Spotlights PPMI's Smart Industrial Remoting Study

5 Jun 2023

EDIH Network Annual Summit Spotlights PPMI's Smart Industrial Remoting Study

EDIH Network Annual Summit Spotlights PPMI's Smart Industrial Remoting Study

The results of the Smart Industrial Remoting study were showcased at the first Annual European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) Network Summit, held from 31 May to 1 June in Brussels.

The Summit is the key European digital innovation event of the year and provides an important platform for knowledge sharing and community building within the EDIH network. The 2023 edition brought together over 300 EDIH representatives, policy makers and civil servants.

The Summit featured various keynote speakers, panel discussions, working groups and networking opportunities. Working Group 2 ‘Supporting the Low Digitalised SMEs’ was dedicated to showcasing the findings of the Smart Industrial Remoting study, implemented by PPMI in collaboration with the European Commission.

The working group began with a welcome address from Dr. Heidi Cigan, Senior Policy Officer at DG CNECT, who outlined the study's context and objectives. Following the welcome, Rūta Gabaliņa, Senior Researcher at PPMI, presented the key findings from the digitalisation pilots conducted as part of the study. Rūta shared valuable insights and practical tips for EDIHs on effectively collaborating with SMEs and companies of low digital maturity.

The presentation was followed by a panel discussion moderated by Barbora Kudzmanaite, Research Manager at PPMI, focusing on how hubs can successfully support SMEs in their digitalisation journeys. The panellists included Kristina Šermukšnytė-Alešiūnienė, Director of Agrifood Lithuania; Anca Sandu, Managing Partner of UnitH2B; and Rūta Gabaliņa. The speakers shared their experiences, insights and success stories, highlighting the significance of fostering strong partnerships between hubs and SMEs. Participants agreed that trust building, finding a common language and showcasing the value added through digitalisation are key to building lasting collaborations.

The EDIH network has a crucial role in the digital transformation of European businesses. It supports the EU in achieving its Digital Decade 2030 targets by accelerating the adoption of advanced digital technologies, doubling the number of EU unicorns and ensuring that at least 90% of EU SMEs have a basic level of digital maturity. EDIHs offer a wide range of services to bolster SME digitalisation, including testing and experimentation facilities, training and mentoring, access to finance and networking opportunities.

The presentation of the Smart Industrial Remoting study at the EDIH Network Annual Summit helped raise awareness of the study's findings and underscore the importance of SME digitalisation. The Smart Industrial Remoting study, which began in March 2022, is now approaching its final stages. The upcoming milestone involves the development of a Digitalisation Toolbox that will provide practical tips and guidance for SMEs and EDIHs on implementing digital technologies.

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