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/ Who we are

More than 100 researchers

Partner organisations in all EU countries

Providing evidence-based insights since 2001

/ Vision

Building a world where policies work


/ Mission

PPMI is a leading European research and policy analysis centre. We help public sector and civil society leaders from around the world by presenting evidence in a way that is simple, clear and ready to use. We are a trusted partner, providing actionable insights, facilitating shared understanding among stakeholders, and supporting positive and lasting change.

PPMI goes the extra mile, consistently delivering work of the highest quality. Our methodologies and approaches represent the state of the art. We are experts in implementing complex field research, ranging from hundreds of interviews to international surveys with tens of thousands of respondents. We employ a wide variety of methods for data mining and analysis. All of this is made possible by an in-house team of dedicated researchers with backgrounds in political science, economics, sociology, philosophy, mathematics and computer science. Our researchers come from a variety of countries, and have backgrounds in academia, business and public service.

We collaborate with the best peers: leading public research institutes, prominent universities, market and data analysis companies, and software developers. Acting as a bridge between the private and public sectors, we employ the latest knowledge and cutting-edge expertise to solve complex challenges. By bringing together open-minded thinking, data, evidence and experimentation, PPMI connects ideas and experiences to build a world where policies work.

/ Our values

We enjoy working on complex issues


We aspire to ensuring quality in solving public policy problems by applying state of the art theoretical knowledge and expertise, and following the principles of transparency, openness and social responsibility.


We continuously learn from each other, our partners, our clients and leading experts in the field.


Our openness to new ideas and passion for exploring new frontiers form the basis for innovation in our services, keeping them up to date with the needs of our clients.

Happy office

We care about and actively promote a good work environment and each other’s well-being.

/ Quality assurance

Supported by a quality management system

An ISO 9001:2008-certified Quality Management System (QMS) helps us to deliver quality services. The QMS promotes a systematic approach, allowing for continuous improvement. The system is externally audited every year and re-certified every three years by Bureau Veritas – a global leader in testing, inspection and certification.

Personal data protection policy

At PPMI, we are committed to protecting personal data. We have taken measures and created systems to comply with national legislation and the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679). The PPMI Personal Data Protection Policy outlines what information we collect, and how we handle it.

Annual reports

/ Get to know us

We provide services throughout all phases of the policy cycle

Cutting-edge ideas

Since 2001, PPMI's research and advice have contributed to the improvement of public policies in numerous countries. We work with our clients to help them make evidence-based decisions, develop their administrative capacities, innovate, improve performance and provide the best value to society. Work carried out by PPMI has supported policy change in many fields such as higher education; vocational education and training; public administration; economic policy; R&D policy; employment, and social policy.

Relevant to society

Our research and advice help to shape public policies, and thereby affect the lives of many. We therefore strive for excellence in everything we do. In 2008, Lithuania's Ministry of Education and Science awarded PPMI the status of private research institute, in recognition of our record in applied social science research. 

Delivered by a professional team

The skills and knowledge of our team are our most precious resources, and our most valuable investment. Every day, we learn from our colleagues, clients, and leading scholars in the field. We are open to ideas, and work continuously to improve our tools and methods. We welcome job applications from creative and motivated researchers at various stages of their careers.

On an international scale

Most of our revenue comes from the services we provide for EU institutions and international organisations. We work in various countries and languages, and are part of a wide network of partners across Europe.