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European industry digitalisation – the Gap Analysis report is now published!

15 Sep 2022

European industry digitalisation – the Gap Analysis report is now published!

Digitalisation is an important enabler for industry growth and competitiveness. Nevertheless, European industrial firms face several challenges in their attempts to adopt digital technologies. In this context, PPMI is currently implementing a study titled ‘Smart Industrial Remoting: remote working in non-digitalised industries.

The first output of the study, the Gap Analysis report, shedding light on digitalisation gaps in five European industries is now available!

The Gap Analysis report details the factors that affect digitalisation in the agrifood industry in Lithuania, the automotive industry in Hungary, the construction industry in Romania, the retail industry in Poland and the textile industry in Portugal. 

PPMI, together with five Digital Innovation Hubs and experts participating in the study analysed the policy, social and economic factors that may influence the uptake of digitalisation in each country-industry pair. The study also identified the main strengths and challenges associated with the digitalisation of each industry. The findings of the report help to uncover the main gaps that may slow down the adoption of digital technologies.

The insights gathered in the report will serve as important inputs for later stages of the study. Building on the findings of the gap analysis, the study team will analyse the company-level digitalisation problems in each of the country-industry pairs. The recommendations produced by the study will inform the work of the European Commission and advise Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) and the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) network. Keep an eye out for future updates. 

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