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Six steps to plan a successful digital transformation!

8 Sep 2023

Six steps to plan a successful digital transformation!

MEs stand to gain significant benefits from the adoption of digital technology. Digitalisation can offer opportunities to streamline company processes, reshape business models and access new markets. However, SMEs, especially those with low digital maturity, often encounter challenges in embracing digital technology.

Evidence indicates that such companies might face constraints in terms of resources and expertise needed to initiate their digitalisation journeys. This makes effective planning critical for managing successful digital transformations.

Analysis of digitalisation good practices reveals that establishing both long-term and short-term digitalisation objectives can empower companies to persist through setbacks, secure funding, cultivate stakeholder buy-in, and consequently, effectively implement digital technology.

As a part of the Smart Industrial Remoting study, carried out by PPMI for the European Commission, we are striving to bring to light digitalisation practices that would be relevant for SMEs.

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