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Supporting study for the ex-post evaluation of the Structural Reform Support Programme (2017-2020)

The purpose of this evaluation is to assess the relevance, effectiveness, coherence, efficiency and EU value-added of the Structural Reform Support Programme (2017-2020). The findings of the evaluation will inform the European Parliament and the Council about the achievement of the programme’s objectives. The evaluation is also designed to provide information that would help to improve the performance of the Technical Support Instrument, the successor programme of the SRSP. PPMI will implement this contract in cooperation with CSES and its network of country experts.

The study will be based on a mixed-methods approach. The study the team will conduct desk research, an analysis of administrative/monitoring data, interviews with stakeholders, focus groups, an Open Public Consultation, a targeted survey of beneficiary authorities, coordinating authorities and providers of technical support, a case study programme, content analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis.