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Support to the Observatory for the Online Platform Economy

The application of big data, sophisticated algorithms, and cloud computing is changing the structure of the economy. Companies such as Amazon, Booking, Facebook, Google and Uber create online structures that enable a wide range of human activities and play a prominent role in the creation of digital value that, in turn, underpins economic growth. At the same time, such platformisation disrupts may areas of economy, leading to considerable risks and uncertainty. Its growing importance, therefore, raises new policy and regulatory challenges.

In order to develop an appropriate regulatory response, the European Commission has appointed 15 high-profile experts from various Member States to the expert group for the Observatory on the Online Platform Economy. PPMI, together with partners Open Evidence, Rand Europe and German Economic Institute, were selected to provide research support to the Observatory.

PPMI implemented data gathering activities and carried out multi-disciplinary analyses of key emerging issues in the platform economy. The consortium created an updatable database containing various indicators on platform economy across the EU, developed eight analytical papers, and ensured an attractive and transparent online presence for the EU Observatory.