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Study to Review the Implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action in the EU – Beijing +30

The study aims to assess the implementation of the strategic objectives of the Beijing Platform for Action in the EU (BPfA) in the context of the EU policy priorities and targets since Beijing +25. More specifically, the review will present the most recent situation of gender equality and assess and analyse the trends since 2018 by identifying achievements, gaps and challenges in 12 critical areas of concern requiring particular action towards the advancement of women at both the EU and national levels.

The areas of concern addressed by BPfA are: the Women and poverty (A), Education and Training of Women (B), Women and Health (C), Violence Against Women (D), Women and Armed Conflict (E), Women and the economy (F), Women in Power and Decision-making (G), Institutional Mechanisms for the Advancement of Women (H), Human Rights of Women (I), Women and the Media (J), Women and the Environment (K), and The Girl Child (L). Particular attention will be paid to the context of crises (i.e., the Covid-19 pandemic, the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, climate change, migration, and anti-gender movements) and their implications for gender equality.

Based on the assessment, the study will provide recommendations for further policy actions to promote gender equality in the EU and strengthen the monitoring of gender equality.  During the 12.5-month study, the research team will conduct desk research, statistical analysis, gender analysis, and specific research into EU and national policy measures as case studies that promote gender equality. PPMI will also organise an online stakeholder consultation to collect views from stakeholders about the potential ways to update the Gender Equality Index and gather expert opinions to establish new weights for the Index's core domains.

The research team will develop:

  • Two reports on the assessment of the development of institutional mechanisms for gender equality and gender mainstreaming at the EU level.
  • A policy report on the progress and key challenges for gender equality across the EU in 12 critical areas of concern of the BPfA.
  • A critical review of EIGE's Gender Equality Index conceptual and measurement frameworks to strengthen the monitoring of gender equality at the EU and Member States level.
  • A final synthesis report on the implementation of the BPfA in the EU.
  • Five policy briefs on cross-cutting topics covering multiple BPfA critical areas of concern