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Study on Tools and Policy Pointers for mainstreaming Innovative Pedagogies and School Organisation Practices: Barriers and Solutions

  • stage involved more than 180 interviews and 48 focus groups.
  • An innovative feature of the study was the preparation and organisation of 12 change workshops, bringing together key education and policy stakeholders in each of the 12 regions to validate the results of the case studies and inspire further partnerships and dialogue to promote change.
  • PPMI then analysed the data and prepared a synthesis report including all findings, as well as a number of recommendations aimed at education authorities and schools. The findings were validated in an expert seminar that gathered together renowned experts in education innovation and school governance, coming from academia, international organisations and NGOs.

The study has helped to consolidate existing knowledge on school innovation across Europe and beyond, and to gather new evidence on the ways in which schools and education systems can embrace innovation to ensure that every child can realise his or her potential. The study provides concrete directions to policy-makers and schools on the ways in which they can promote system-wide change, ensuring that modern schools help each and every learner to grow and succeed. The findings served as the basis for the follow-up discussions among education policy-makers in the framework of the ET 2020 Working Group on Schools events. The final study report can be found here.