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Study on the implementation of cross-cutting issues in Horizon 2020

The objective of this study is to provide specific data and analysis on the implementation of cross-cutting issues under Horizon 2020 and the determinants of progress or lack of progress. The study looks into the implementation and monitoring of the programme, and takes into account evidence produced in Horizon 2020 interim evaluation.

In partnership with three organisations, PPMI applies a dedicated methodology, including a set of 12 case studies and a benchmarking exercise, to assess the implementation of the cross-cutting issues under Horizon 2020 since its start in 2014, with a focus on the later part of 2017-2020 (after the H2020 Interim evaluation). The research team conducts an extensive literature review, carries out interviews with EU officials and Horizon 2020 beneficiaries, undertakes network analysis and data mining. A policy workshop has been organised, which helped to evaluate the state of play, relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of the 12 cross-cutting issues in Horizon 2020.