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Study on the EU school fruit, vegetables and milk scheme

The EU school fruit, vegetables, and milk scheme ensures the distribution of fruit, vegetables and milk to millions of children from nurseries to secondary school across the EU. The European Commission is currently evaluating the Scheme to make it more in line with the Fark to Fork Strategy. The objective of this study is to contribute to the knowledge base concerning the Scheme and whether it has been effective in reaching its objectives, is relevant to European citizens and has EU-added value. The main purpose is to understand if the Scheme, as it is designed today, is positively impacting healthy diets and lifestyles, and whether and how it needs to be revised for the needs of the EU populations and in particular the target groups (school children, teachers, producers, etc). To answer all the evaluation criteria (effectiveness, relevance and EU-added value), the study relies on several research methods and collaboration with PPMI‘s partner AFC Consulting Group AG:

  • a literature review;
  • interviews with experts and officials at both EU and national levels; 
  • online surveys targeting EU-wide stakeholders including parents, teachers and representative groups in the domain of agriculture, education, health and sustainability;
  • case studies carried out in collaboration with national experts in the case study countries (Bulgaria, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Greece and Spain).