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Smart Industrial Remoting: remote working in non-digitalized industries - Pilot Project

The objective of the study is to propose ‘smart industrial remoting measures’ that can support digitalisation of European industrial companies, especially SMEs. The research focuses on five industries particularly hit by the pandemic: construction, retail, textile, automotive and agrofood. Each industry is studied in a country, selected based on the importance of the industry for that country. At the inception of the project the following country industry-pairs were selected: automotive-Hungary, agrofood-Lithuania, construction-Romania, retail-Poland, and textile-Portugal.

The study follows a step-by-step approach involving a gap analysis in selected country-industry pairs, problem definition, identification of EU-wide best practices of industrial digitalisation, implementation of five experiments/case studies with local companies, and preparation of industry specific toolboxes containing recommendations for digitalisation of industrial companies in Europe. Various dissemination and awareness raising activities are set to take place throughout the entire study cycle. The study will last a total of 16 months.

For the implementation of the study, PPMI is working together with industry experts and Digital Innovation Hubs, each representing one of the five above-mentioned industries.