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Skills for the Green Transition

The purpose of this study is to develop a more in depth understanding of the extent to which partner countries of ETF address sustainability issues as part of their sustainability sector strategies and policies, and to which extent these are translated into specific education and training offers.

Specific objectives of the study are to:

1. Review extensively the relevance and contents of green transition strategies and policies in 17 Partner Countries;
2. Evaluate the level of implementation of key sectors’ sustainability policies in the partner countries focusing on achievements, challenges and opportunities for impact from the analytical perspective of skill needs;
3. Provide recommendations for further advancing the ETF methodology and approach to review, measure and consult on the PC’s systematic progress towards achieving the green transition from the perspective of education and training needs;
4. Design engaging knowledge products summarizing the study findings and disseminating these through different media channels.

The methodology will build on a pilot project that mapped sustainability policies and initiatives by ETF in 2021 and will cover the rest of the partner countries. In addition, the previous study carried out by PPMI “National and Institutional Policies and Approaches to Education for Environmental Sustainability” will provide a basis for the research on green skills topic. For the implementation of the project, the study team will conduct a thorough literature review, national policy mapping and comparative analysis and synthesis. The study results are planned to be available in the spring of 2023.