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Second independent external evaluation of the European Institute for Gender Equality

The main objective of the evaluation was to provide an independent external evaluation of EIGE’s programmes and activities in the period 2015–2020, including its relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, coherence and EU added value. The evaluation covered the entire scope of EIGE’s activities according to thematic and operational aspects, including the assessment of the impact of EIGE on the promotion of gender equality and the synergy effects. The progress was measured by making a comparison to the situation prior to 2015, covered by the previous evaluation and assessed against its recommendations. 

The evaluation drew on a number of established data collection and analysis methods. The methods included desk research (literature review and analysis of statistics and monitoring data), over 100 interviews with EIGE’s staff and stakeholders at national, EU and international levels, three surveys, an open public consultation and usability tests of key EIGE deliverables. The evaluation team also conducted five case studies on the following topics: the Gender Equality Index, Gender mainstreaming toolkits, the Experts’ Forum, Administrative data collection on gender-based violence, and the Gender Statistics Database.

The results of the evaluation and the recommendations made by PPMI are meant to facilitate the effective operation of EIGE in the future and the fulfilment of the Institute's mission to be a centre of knowledge and research on gender equality in the EU.