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PSF Challenge - Mutual Learning Exercise. The Whole of Government Approach in Research and Innovation (R&I)

A whole-of-government approach ensures that R&I policies work in close synergy and are mutually beneficial with other sectoral policies. Application of the whole-of-government approach to design and implementation of national R&I strategies and plans will contribute to the transformation of key socio-economic systems towards sustainability. 

The MLE follows the standard methodology for conducting Mutual Learning Exercises which was developed in the context of the Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility “Mutual Learning Exercise - a new methodology”. Based on this methodology, the MLE tackles one or more identified policy challenge(s), bringing together different countries to closely examine these challenge(s) by sharing relevant information and activities. The main purpose of the MLE is to create an informal medium where participating countries can learn from each other and from exceptionally experienced experts, focus on policy issues, exchange lessons learnt and success stories to eventually gear and implement change in their policy-making strategy.

Bulgaria, Finland, Malta, Romania and Slovakia are the Member States participating in this MLE.

The MLE will be supported by the exceptionally experienced expert panel involving Geoff Mulgan (Chair), Patries Boekholt (Rapporteur), Wolfgang Polt, Susana Borrás and Totti Könnölä.

The MLE will be structured in six rounds of meetings: five meetings on specific topics that have been identified based on the feedback provided by the participating countries, and the final meeting.

The following topics of interest have been identified for the MLE:

  • Topic 1: Introduction and overview of the whole-of-government approaches in R&I.
  • Topic 2: New policy designs and instruments for the whole-of-government approach.
  • Topic 3: New ways of actors’ engagement for the whole-of-government approach.
  • Topic 4: Green Transition: Implementation of Industrial Technology Roadmaps through the whole-of-government approach.
  • Topic 5: New governance structures for the whole-of-government approach.