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Integrated policymaking in the area of RDI

The general objective of this service contract is to contribute to institutional, administrative and growth-sustaining structural reforms in Slovakia, in line with Article 3 of the TSI Regulation. The specific objective of this service contract is: a) to assist national authorities in improving their capacity to design, develop and implement reforms; b) to assist national authorities in improving their capacity to prepare, amend, implement and revise recovery and resilience plans under Regulation (EU)

2021/241, in line with Article 4 of the TSI Regulation.

Provided that Slovakia will follow up such work/recommendations at institutional and operational level, the deliverables are expected to result in the following outcomes:

a) Elaborated horizontal and sectoral industrial strategies and implementation plans;
b) Increased capacity among the Slovak administration to create and implement industrial strategies and action plans.

The following core methods will be deployed during the evaluation process:

  • Desk research and literature review, collection and analysis of various secondary administrative and statistical data (like country-level economic indicators provided by statistical offices and various EC produced reports)
  • Consultations with relevant stakeholders in the form of interviews
  • Two Innovative industries pilots in Slovakia (vertical and horizontal industries)
  • GAP analysis of the administrative capacity for implementing industrial strategies (AS-IS vs TO-BE situation)
  • Workshop/training
  • Conference