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Information Technology and Communication Labor Markets, Expectations of Specialists Moving to Another Country, and Lithuania's Image Research Service in Turkey and Brazil

Lithuania is facing a scarcity of Information Technology and Communication (ICT) professionals. To address this challenge, the Work in Lithuania initiative by Invest Lithuania [LK1] offers guidance to local employers on recruiting foreign talent, implementing marketing strategies in various regions, and showcasing Lithuania as an appealing destination for career growth. Invest Lithuania enlisted the services of PPMI to research the ICT labour markets in Turkey and Brazil. The research aimed to delve into the motivations driving ICT specialists to seek employment abroad and assess the perceptions of Lithuania as a career destination for professionals from these countries. The study resulted in one report for each country, which were built on the following methods:

  • desk research and statistical analysis concerning the ICT sectors in Brazil and Turkey;
  • interview programme, which consisted of 12 in-depth interviews with ICT specialists in each country and interviews with five Brazilian recruitment agencies and three Turkish recruitment agencies;
  • two surveys of ICT professionals – one for each country.

The reports provide an in-depth overview of the ICT labour markets in Brazil and Turkey, covering companies operating in the sector, the number and education levels of ICT professionals, their job-search channels, and expectations of when moving abroad, along with an assessment of Lithuania’s value proposition. The findings include recommendations for employers in Lithuania and the Work in Lithuania programme.