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Information Technology and Communication Labor Markets, Expectations of Specialists Moving to Another Country, and Lithuania's Image Research Service in Turkey and Brazil

Lithuania is facing a scarcity of Information Technology and Communication (ICT) professionals and highly skilled talent. To address this challenge, the "Work in Lithuania" initiative offers guidance to Lithuanian employers on recruiting foreign talent, implementing marketing strategies in various regions, and showcasing Lithuania as an appealing destination for career growth. "Work in Lithuania" has enlisted the services of PPMI to conduct research into the ICT labour markets in Turkey and Brazil. The research aims to delve into the motivations driving ICT specialists to seek employment abroad and assess the perceptions of Lithuania as a career destination for professionals from these countries. The study's methodology includes desk research, analysis of existing statistics, interviews with ICT specialists and recruitment agencies in Brazil and Turkey, and an online survey targeting ICT professionals in these countries.

The findings will serve as a resource for advising Lithuanian hiring managers and HR professionals about the potential ICT talent pool in Turkey and Brazil, guiding them toward recruitment strategies that align with these markets. Additionally, the research will inform the development of marketing initiatives by "Work in Lithuania" in Turkey and Brazil.