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Gender-responsive Evaluation for an Environmental and Sustainable Future for All (GREENA)

The project aims to advance the use of gender-responsive evaluation in the EU as a tool to increase accountability for gender equality and gender mainstreaming commitments, and effective policy, programme and project design in the context of the EU recovery and green transition.

The key deliverable of this project will be a step-by-step toolkit to conduct gender-responsive and environmental evaluation in the EU. The toolkit will provide practical guidance to implement evaluations with a gender perspective in the EU, particularly in the context of the European Green Deal. The toolkit’s target audience will include policymakers, policy officers and monitoring and evaluation officers in the EU. The team will also develop two specific standalone tools – one on gender-responsive strategic foresight in the context of impact assessment and evaluation, and another on gender equality and gender impacts.    

To achieve the objectives of this project, the team will conduct research into:

  • Strategic foresight in the context of impact assessment and evaluation in the EU
  • Gender mainstreaming in the EU evaluation framework
  • Gender-responsive and environmental evaluation in the European Green Deal policy areas

While the work developed for this study will rely on desk research and will be embedded on a robust theoretical basis, the project will mobilise PPMI’s capacities in the design of competence development products in the area of gender mainstreaming to develop practical resources for gender-responsive evaluation.

Finally, the project also encompasses the development of knowledge-based communication products.