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Framework Partnership Agreement with a European policy network in the field of education of children and young people with a migrant background

SIRIUS is a European platform that brings together key stakeholders in migration and education from around Europe, including policy makers, researchers, practitioners and representatives of migrant communities.

SIRIUS aims to:

  • Encourage high-quality, inclusive education for all, with specific measures to improve the support for migrants both inside and outside the school system.
  • Mainstream migrant education into education policies so that it becomes a cross-cutting issue in national and European migration and education debates.
  • Promote better policy implementation that encourages lifelong learning for all disadvantaged pupils.
  • Develop European-wide collaboration between stakeholders of all levels.

In the context of the EU-funded project, PPMI was responsible for the research and policy monitoring strand of the network – SIRIUS Watch, which resulted in annual monitoring reports on key thematic priorities in the area of migrant education. By looking into specific thematic areas more in-depth, SIRIUS Watch contributed to monitoring of the progress of the implementation of the SIRIUS Agenda for Migrant Education in Europe and the supporting recommendations (Clear Agenda) at national, regional and local level. The methodology of SIRIUS Watch included literature review, interviews, national policy mapping, and stakeholder consultations. 

Besides monitoring activities, PPMI also took part in other network activities, such as organisation and coordination of national and regional policy workshops, peer-learning events and annual policy conferences on different aspects of inclusive and equitable education.