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Equality mainstreaming screening and training

Strengthening equality mainstreaming in all EU internal and external policies and initiatives is one of the major priorities of the current Commission and its President, Ursula von der Leyen. The Commission also commits to mainstreaming an equality perspective into its transport and mobility policy in the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy. To turn this commitment into reality, PPMI leads an initiative to support DG MOVE in applying equality mainstreaming into its work. Specifically, the main objectives of the initiative are to:

  • Review DG MOVE’s policies and initiatives from an equality perspective to identify areas for improvement and design tools that would help DG MOVE to strengthen an equality dimension in the DG’s specific policy areas and programmes.
  • Develop and deliver transport-specific training and learning materials for policy desk officers to improve their understanding of equality issues and the process of applying equality mainstreaming into mobility and transport-specific policies in their daily work. 

The resulting products will be three complementary training services: a general training course, a handbook, and targeted modules providing more detailed and elaborated information on specific policies of DG MOVE. prior to the dissemination, the project team will test the training material in a real context and on the basis of the lessons learned during this process, adjust it where necessary. Following the adjustments, we will provide initial training to DG MOVE staff. Namely, we will organise and deliver: 

  • Face-to-face classroom sessions of the general training course at DG MOVE premises.
  • Two web-based sessions per module.
  • All educational materials will be provided to DG MOVE for further dissemination.