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Education and youth in post-Covid-19 Europe - Crisis effects and policy recommendations

After witnessing school closures across Europe, as a COVID-19 mitigation measure, the EP wantedto know how the COVID-19 crisis has affected education, both in Member States and of EU programmes. PPMI review various reports, government strategies and news articles that have been produced in recent months to determine how the EU and Member States have dealt with education quality, distance learning, inclusive education, capacity of education actors, and accessibility of education during school closures. This literature review was complemented by interviews with EU and national-level education officials. The findings were used to evaluate the different approaches taken by the EU and Member States in terms of their adequacy and efficiency.

In the final report, the research team presented its findings and conclusions, but also key recommendations: Firstly, the research team indicated how the EU and Member States can overcome various challenges, and utilise opportunities and innovations, when education services are resumed normally. Secondly, the research team advised how the EU and Member States can improve the resilience of education systems so that they are better able to absorb similar shocks in the future.