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A cross-EU approach to monitor learning for sustainability

In order to achieve the objectives set out in the European Green Deal, the EU Council recommends that all Member States actively support the integration of sustainable development and the transition to a greener society at all levels of education and training. Learning for Sustainability (LfS) is a cornerstone in realising their shared vision for a European Education Area. In addition to promoting LfS, the Council underlines the importance of closely monitoring progress.

Monitoring progress is particularly important for Member States in three key areas:

  • To support education and training institutions in developing, monitoring and evaluating their sustainability strategies and in integrating sustainability principles into their existing processes and policies.
  • Facilitate the implementation of national and other relevant policies and strategies, including those related to concepts such as Education for Sustainable Development, through effective monitoring and follow-up mechanisms.
  • Allocate resources for monitoring, research and evaluation of policy challenges and the impact of these initiatives. This is essential to build on lessons learned and provide valuable evidence to inform policymaking.

In this context and study, PPMI and ICF have been contracted by DG EAC to create a comprehensive conceptual framework on LfS and how it can be monitored. The framework will be developed using existing literature reviews, SWOT analysis and mapping, comparative analysis of other conceptual frameworks and focus group discussions. It will be compared with existing sources of indicators (input, process, outcome, impact, etc.) before the team develops concrete, actionable recommendations for the EU and Member States.