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Country analysis and supporting activities for the Gender Equality Index 2023

The objective of this project is to support the monitoring and assessment of performance in gender equality in the EU and the Member States. It aims to provide evidence of major achievements and setbacks, as measured by the Gender Equality Index 2023. To achieve this, we provide three key deliverables: 27 country factsheets, one EU factsheet, an EU analysis report, and a policy brief. The factsheets, based on the analysis of EIGE’s Index data and additional information, present in-depth descriptive statistical analysis of the Index scores and indicators at both country and EU levels. They offer a snapshot of trends and developments in gender equality across key areas such as work, money, knowledge, time, power, health, and violence against women.

The EU analysis report is a standalone document highlighting key positive developments and challenges. It provides a comprehensive overview of the current situation.

Additionally, as part of this project, we are preparing a policy brief on unpaid care and work-life balance from a gender perspective. This brief will support the Spanish presidency of the Council of the EU in making policy recommendations in this area. It will draw primarily from the analysis of EIGE’s survey data on gender gaps in unpaid care, individual and social activities. The policy context and recommendations will be populated based on a policy analysis of relevant EU policies addressing care, such as the European Care Strategy, the EU Directive on work-life balance, and the EU Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2050.