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Country analysis and supporting activities for the Gender Equality Index 2022

The purpose of this project is to support the monitoring and assessment of performance in gender equality in the EU and the Member States by providing evidence on major achievements and setbacks, as measured by the Gender Equality Index 2022. To this end, we are delivering two sets of deliverables: 27 +1 country analysis reports and 27+1 country factsheets for each Member State and the EU. The country analyses and factsheets are drawn based on in-depth country- and EU-level descriptive statistical analysis of the Index scores and indicators. They provide a snapshot into key trends and developments in gender equality in each Member State and the EU across key areas - work, money, knowledge, time, power, health and violence against women. In addition, they include analysis of key trends from EIGE’s survey on gender equality and socio-economic consequences of COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on childcare; long-term care; housework and changes in flexible working arrangements.

Within this project, we have also prepared a policy brief on the social and economic situation of young women and men in the EU in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. The policy brief will support the Czech presidency of the Council of the EU in making policy recommendations in this area. The content was drawn primarily from statistical analysis of EIGE’s data (including Index data, thematic focus data, COVID-19 survey and other existing data sources and reports) and other EU-wide data sources already available at the EU level, such as Eurostat or Eurofound. The policy context and recommendations were prepared based on policy analysis of the EU policies addressing the nexus of gender equality, youth and the COVID-19 pandemic.