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Building capacity for evidence-informed policymaking in governance and public administration in a post-pandemic Europe – expert analysis of Lithuania and the Netherlands

Evidence is a critical input into policymaking. However, the production, translation, synthesis, transmission, and absorption of knowledge for policymaking remains a major challenge that governments, research communities, and intermediary organisations across the EU. The objective of the contract to mobilise expertise to undertake the analyses of the capacity of the beneficiary organisations of two participating Member States, Lithuania and the Netherlands, as well as the two countries’ wider science-for-policy ecosystem to deliver policies informed by scientific and other evidence and develop analytically informed policy recommendations. 

PPMI will undertake the analysis of the science-for-policy ecosystem of Lithuania with a specific focus on the beneficiary organisations, which are the Government Strategic Analysis Centre (STRATA), the Office of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, the Research Council of Lithuania. A subcontracted expert will fully take on the required share of analysis of the Netherlands. Desk research, surveys, interviews, and focus groups will be the primary methodologies used for the analysis.

Over the period of 19 months, PPMI will produce a Diagnostic report, a Needs Assessment report for Lithuania as well as a Country Roadmap report for Lithuania (100%) and the Netherlands (25%).

The result of these reports will feed into the Final Country Report that will be produced by the JRC-OECD (with feedback from PPMI).