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PPMI will support Cedefop in getting feedback from their users

5 May 2022

PPMI will support Cedefop in getting feedback from their users

PPMI has been awarded a new assignment User satisfaction survey 2022 for the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop)

As part of this assignment, PPMI will deploy a survey among the users of Cedefop products (i.e., online channels, publications, networks, and events), provide the analysis of the responses collected and report the survey results.  

Cedefop's user satisfaction survey was first conducted by PPMI in 2019 to better understand how the quality and relevance of Cedefop's work is perceived by its stakeholders. The survey results will feed into Cedefop's Performance Measurement System and calculation of three qualitative KPIs of Cedefop, which aim to measure:  

  • Stakeholders' satisfaction with Cedefop's interactive tools and databases; 
  • The mobilisation of Cedefop's stakeholders to act as information multipliers;  
  • Cedefop's success in facilitating policy learning. 

The 2022 survey seeks to build on the questionnaire developed in 2019 while reflecting key changes to Cedefop's services during the past two years and using lessons learned from the 2019 survey. At the same, comparability of results with the data obtained in 2019 should be maintained.