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PPMI presents Global Health EDCTP3 JU First Interim Evaluation’s results!

1 Jul 2024

PPMI presents Global Health EDCTP3 JU First Interim Evaluation’s results!

We at PPMI are excited to share highlights from our recent participation in the Global Health EDCTP3 Joint Undertaking Governing Board meeting, where we presented the key findings and lessons learned from the first interim evaluation of the JU. This evaluation was also well received during the general staff meeting in April. Key findings from our interim evaluation include:

  • Relevance and Coherence: The objectives of Global Health EDCTP3 JU are highly relevant to emerging infectious disease threats, AMR, and climate-related health challenges, with partnerships like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation enhancing coherence.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness: The JU demonstrates cost-effectiveness and significant progress in gender integration and robust monitoring aligned with Horizon Europe.
  • EU Added Value and International Positioning: Building on the success of previous EDCTP programs, the JU has enhanced inter-African and Africa-Europe cooperation, and has made strides in capacity building, training, and medical product development. It continues to act as a global ambassador for European R&I, maintaining high visibility in European and sub-Saharan African states.
  • Transparency and Openness: The JU also implements measures to overcome stakeholder participation limits in Africa and boost communication and strategic collaborations.

We are proud to support Global Health EDCTP3 JU’s mission to foster global collaborative research and capacity strengthening, aimed at accelerating the development, evaluation, and implementation of interventions for infectious diseases in sub-Saharan Africa.

Join us in celebrating this progress and looking forward to future contributions in global health!