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PPMI launched a study on the uptake of Industry 5.0

8 Feb 2023

PPMI launched a study on the uptake of Industry 5.0

PPMI launched a study on the uptake of Industry 5.0

Industry 5.0, also known as the Fifth Industrial Revolution, is an industrial transition that places the well-being of the worker at the centre of the production process and sees humans working alongside advanced technology and A.I. -powered robots to enhance workplace processes. Industry 5.0 is the vision of a human-centred, resilient and sustainable industry that reinforces the industry's role and contribution to society.

The transition to Industry 5.0 has already started, and major companies have started to implement key elements of Industry 5.0. However, data on the status of Industry 5.0 uptake by European companies is missing, and a consolidated set of indicators for this uptake still needs to be developed. Such information is necessary to develop relevant policy actions and stimulate the implementation of Industry 5.0.

The study's objective is to develop indicators for monitoring the three pillars of Industry 5.0, i.e. human-centricity, sustainability and resilience. The study team will also have to test the practicability of these indicators by applying them to two industrial ecosystems as defined in the European Industrial Strategy (the mobility-transport-automotive ecosystem and energy-intensive industries).

The study team will first review the existing literature on the various concepts of Industry 5.0 and tie them with the operationalised indicators. Once the indicators are finalised (a short list of 7-10 indicators), the study team will define the methodology and collect the data. The study team will employ data mining/web scraping activities using services if relevant data for the indicators are otherwise unavailable. Once the monitoring indicators are developed, the study team will measure the uptake of Industry 5.0 in two industries (mobility-transport-automotive and energy-intensive industries) and assess the impact of Industry 5.0 on economic performance and competitiveness.