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PPMI has started another year as coordinator of NESET network

24 Mar 2022

PPMI has started another year as coordinator of NESET network

Last month PPMI has participated in a contractual meeting with DG EAC and successfully finalised the Work Programme 2021 (WP2021) of NESET (Network of Experts working on the Social Dimension of Education and Training) and started its activities for Work Programme 2022 (WP2022). This marks the beginning of the 4th year of NESET (2019-2022), which is the last year of the current cycle of the network. NESET (2019-2022) is a successor to NESSE (2007-2010), NESET (2011-2014) and NESET II (2015-2018) networks.

During 2021 the Network expanded its database of educational experts, which now includes almost 170 researchers (including Network members) and maintains a strong network of more than 65 members, who actively contribute to the evidence-based decision-making process at the EU level through NESET deliverables. In 2021, NESET experts developed three analytical reports and three ad-hoc reports. One analytical report produced by NESET experts focused on quality of early childhood education and care during the COVID-19 pandemic and other approached mental health and well-being in schools across the EU. The third analytical report was developed together with EENEE (European Expert Network on Economics of Education) and focused on the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 on disadvantaged children. The ad-hoc reports focused on parental involvement in formal education, students’ view on distance learning, and impact of COVID-19 on learning outcomes across Europe. The reports received positive feedback from DG EAC and can be accessed on the NESET website.

Under the framework of WP2021 NESET also accepted three extra requests for technical support and ad-hoc expertise from the European Commission, which shows the flexibility of the network and its willingness to adapt to the changing needs of DG EAC. The NESET network supported the European Digital Education Hub in the stakeholder consultation events, provided technical support in the preparation of a high-level expert group on promoting well-being and enhancing mental health, and shared ad-hoc expertise for the preparation of the Commission initiative “Pathways to School Success”. DG EAC and the Network members viewed these assignments positively and it is likely that such assignments will also be planned in the upcoming year.

In 2021, the Network team (co-)organized two webinars on community engagement in higher education and approach to mental health and well-being in schools across EU. The webinars were broadcasted live and their corresponding recordings, as well as recordings of other past webinars, can be accessed here.

Looking ahead, PPMI is very excited about the WP2022, which will explore the most pressing educational issues, will further explore new forms of collaboration with DG EAC and will focus on new dissemination efforts to further engage the ever growing NESET community. The upcoming NESET reports will explore the topics related to well-being of students, online learning and emergency remote teaching, multilingualism in early childhood education and care, quality assurance in higher education, and other exciting topics. It is also already planned that the Network will continue providing DG EAC with technical support on well-being and mental health related topics. To learn more about NESET, check our website and make sure you subscribe to our quarterly newsletter. You can also follow the Network’s updates on LinkedIn, Research Gate, Google Scholar and Facebook.