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PPMI conducts its first evaluation for UNICEF!

16 May 2024

PPMI conducts its first evaluation for UNICEF!

Following our continuous support for Ukraine, we are pleased to announce that we will support UNICEF's support to children and their families by providing an evaluation of, and recommendations for the future of, UNICEF's Spilno Spots initiative.

UNICEF with partners created child-friendly spaces – Spilno Child Spots – in 23 oblasts across the country, creating nurturing environments where children could escape the stressors and anxiety of war. Using play activities, Spilno spots provide a sense of normalcy for children to escape the anxieties of war. Parents and children are also able to access multi-sectoral assistance and referrals through the spots, provided through partnerships with national and local authorities, civil society partners, volunteers, and private sector partners.

It is a true honour for us to be able to contribute to UNICEF's work in Ukraine!