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PPMI collaborates with 'Work in Lithuania' to bridge the ICT Talent Gap

30 Oct 2023

PPMI collaborates with 'Work in Lithuania' to bridge the ICT Talent Gap

Lithuania is thriving as a hub of innovation and growth, yet a crucial challenge persists – a shortage of Information Technology and Communication (ICT) professionals, and highly qualified experts. In a continued effort to address this challenge and promote Lithuania as a vibrant destination for career development, the "Work in Lithuania" initiative offers guidance to Lithuanian employers on recruiting foreign talent, implementing marketing strategies in various regions, and showcasing Lithuania as an appealing destination for career growth.

We are thrilled to announce that as part of this extensive initiative, PPMI will implement a study on the labour markets of ICT specialists in Brazil and Turkey. This study focuses on three primary objectives:

  • Market Insight: The study team will delve deep into the ICT labour markets of Turkey and Brazil. This will involve desk research, examination of existing statistics, and interviews with recruitment agencies. Our aim is to gain profound insight into these dynamic markets.
  • Understanding Expectations: The team will engage directly with ICT specialists from these countries, conducting interviews and an online survey. This will provide insights into the expectations of these professionals when contemplating international opportunities.
  • Assessing Lithuania's Allure: The team will assess the perceptions towards Lithuania as a career destination for specialists from Brazil and Turkey. Similarly, as above, this assessment will be carried out through interviews with ICT specialists and an online survey.

The results of the analysis will be used in advising the hiring managers and HR specialists of Lithuanian companies, with the aim of introducing them to the market potential and opportunities of ICT specialists in Turkey and Brazil. The results of the research will also be used to formulate the marketing actions of the "Work in Lithuania" program in Turkey and Brazil.

Stay tuned for more updates on this project!