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PPMI and NESET: Shaping the Future of Education in Europe

18 Apr 2024

PPMI and NESET: Shaping the Future of Education in Europe

Last month PPMI has participated in a contractual meeting with DG EAC and officially started its activities for the Work Programme 2024 (WP2024). This marks the last year of the new NESET cycle (2023-2024), which is the successor of NESSE (2007-2010), NESET (2011-2014), NESET II (2015-2018) and NESET (2019-2022).

PPMI has been leading the network since 2015 and we are pleased to have seen the Network expand its database of educational experts during this time, which now includes almost 190 researchers (including Network members) and maintains a strong network of more than 70 members, who actively contribute to the evidence-based decision-making process at the EU level through NESET deliverables. In 2023, NESET experts developed four analytical reports and two ad-hoc reports.

The analytical reports focused on several key topics such as:

  • Higher education students and staff well-being,
  • the Gender gap in STEM education in schools and
  • the Implementation of ECEC quality frameworks across the EU Member States.

We are also very happy to have joined forces with the EENEE network (European Expert Network on Economics of Education) to explore Evidence-based Solutions to Teacher Shortages. The ad-hoc reports focused on the link between student well-being and learning for sustainability and on the resilience of education system, specifically on what lessons can be learnt from Ukraine. The reports received positive feedback from DG EAC and can be accessed on the NESET website.

Under the framework of WP2023 NESET also accepted two extra requests for technical support and ad-hoc expertise from the European Commission, which shows the flexibility of the network and its willingness to adapt to the changing needs of DG EAC. The NESET network supported the EEA Working Group on Pathways to school success in the area of assessment and the coordination of an Expert Group on supportive learning environments for groups at risk of underachievement and for supporting well-being at school.

Looking ahead, we are very excited about the WP2024, which will explore the most pressing educational issues, and will focus on new dissemination efforts to further engage the ever-growing NESET community. The upcoming NESET reports will explore topics related to the benefits and impact of learning for sustainability, effective literacy teaching practice across Europe, and other exciting subjects. It is also planned that the Network will continue providing DG EAC with technical support for the coordination of the Expert Group on Well-being. 

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