Veselin Vasilev

Veselin joined PPMI in the summer of 2021. Prior to joining PPMI team, he gained work-related experience in European public administration, project and financial management, and did a traineeship at the European Commission. Veselin holds a Bachelor‘s degree in Business and Economics (UNWE, Bulgaria) and two Master‘s degrees in European Studies (Europa University Flensburg and University of Southern Denmark).


  • PhD candidate in European Public Administration, Ruse University, Bulgaria
  • MSc./Cand. soc. in European Studies, University of Southern Denmark, 2015
  • MA in European Studies, Europa University Flensburg, Germany, 2015
  • H. B. econ. in Business and Economics, UNWE, Bulgaria, 2011

Selected projects

“Danube Safety Net”. A project between the Bulgarian Executive Agency "Maritime Administration" and the Romanian Naval Authority for developing common Bulgarian-Romanian technical specifications for transport safety IT tool and establishing emergency response centers in Bulgaria and Romania.

“Culture in Eternity”. A project between the Municipality of Elena (Bulgaria) and the Municipality of Medgidia (Romania) for restoration of a burned-down school and creation of cultural/painting camps, festivals and workshops.

“Development of tourism potential, protection and promotion of the common heritage”. Restoration projects for local cultural centres and promotion of the local cultural tourism led by the Municipality of General Toshevo (Bulgaria) and the Municipality of Murfatlar (Romania).

“Welcome to the middle ages”. A project between the Mezdra Municipality (Bulgaria) and the Dobrosloveni Municipality (Romania) for the organization of a medieval festival at the “Kaleto” archeological complex and of an ancient Roman festival in Dobrosloveni.

“Art & culture - common cross-border assets in support of sustainable tourism development”. A project between the Veliko Tarnovo Municipality (Bulgaria), the Municipality of Calafat (Romania) and the “Face for Art and Culture” Foundation (Bulgaria) for the restoration of an art gallery, creation of open-air cultural events and of a joint Bulgarian-Romanian touristic route.

“Travelling on music notes”. A project between Sinfonietta – Vidin (Bulgaria) and „Oltenia” State Philharmonic Orchestra (Romania) for purchasing all the musical instruments necessary for the formation of the joint orchestra.

“The Christian heritage along the cultural corridor Russe-Giurgiu”. A project between the “Sveta Petka” Church, the Vedea Commune and the “Sveti Georgi” Church for the restoration of three churches in Bulgaria and Romania and the development of common regional religious touristic products.

“Tourism as a bond of perspective development of border region”. A project between Dolna Mitropolia Municipality (Bulgaria), Motatei Municipality (Romania) and Motatei Church Parish (Romania) for organization of professional training of experts in cultural and historic heritage in Bulgaria and Romania; conservation, partial restoration and socialization for the Roman “Ad Putea” road station and construction works in the church “St. Nicholas” in Motatei.

“Joint volunteering for a safer life”. A project between the Municipality of Tutrakan (Bulgaria), the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations - Ministry of Internal Affairs (Bulgaria), the Directorate General Fire Safety and Civil Protection – Ministry of the Interior (Romania) and the National Association of Volunteers (Bulgaria) for the construction of a fire-fighting training tower, procurement of fire-fighting protective suits for volunteers and joint training programmes for Bulgarian and Romanian volunteers.

“Joint risk management for efficient reactions of the local authorities in the emergency situations”. A project between the Belene Municipality (Bulgaria) and the Calarasi Municipality (Romania) for purchasing disaster-management-related machinery and vehicles and creation of common disaster management capabilities.

“Integrated Culinary Arts and Restaurant Sector Employment Solutions for a Skilled and Inclusive Romania-Bulgaria Cross Border Region”. A project between Association `Dobrudja Agro & Business School` (Bulgaria), Association “Choose Your Profession” (Romania) and the Regional Inspectorate of Education – Dobrich (Bulgaria) for the vocational training of 120 cooks, bakers, waiters and bartenders.

“Improved coordination and Social policies between Municipality of Byala and commune Gradinari for Effective cross-border region”. A project between the Municipality of Byala (Bulgaria) and the Gradinari Commune (Romania) for creating a center for the elderly, developing of the social care departments in the local authorities and creation of joint events for elderly people.

“E-bike Net”. A project between the Agency for Regional Development and Business Center-Vidin (Bulgaria), the Romanian Association for Electronic and Software Industry, the Local Employers Association for Small and Middle Enterprises - Calafat (Romania) and the Vidin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Bulgaria) for the creation of 70 e-bike charging station points in 32 towns and the procurement of 2350 e-bikes.

“Ancient Roman cultural heritage interactive visualization environment for the cross-border area between Bulgaria and Romania”. A project between the University of Angel Kanchev (Bulgaria), the Museum of National History and Archaeology, Constanta (Romania) and the Ruse Regional Museum of History (Bulgaria) for using of 3D cameras, 3D printers, drones and professional video equipment for 3D mapping of 16 archaeological sites in Bulgaria and Romania.

“The Innovative Approach for Promotion of Cultural/Natural Heritage in the Bulgaria-Romania Cross-Border Region”. A project between the Municipality of Gorna Oryahovitsa (Bulgaria) and the Municipality of Rosiorii De Vede (Romania) for establishing of 3D virtual museums.

Selected publications

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