Vaida Gineikytė-Kanclerė

Vaida has been a part of PPMI team since 2013. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Relations, received at Vilnius University, and a Master’s degree in the field of international public policy, acquired at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. At PPMI, Vaida has been involved in numerous EU research projects, carrying out research and managerial roles. Her main fields of interest include welfare institutions, labour market policies, and online platforms. Recently, she has also been increasingly working on the various aspects of digitalisation in government, economy and society in the EU Member States.

Key areas of expertise

  • Policy areas: labour market and employment, social policy, welfare state, skills, social innovation, digitalisation, online platforms
  • Research methods: online surveys, visual data analysis (Tableau), basics of statistical analysis (SPSS), content analysis (NVivo), case studies, interviews


  • MSc in International Public Management and Public Policy (Cum Laude), Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2016
  • BA in Political Science (Cum Laude), Vilnius University, Lithuania, 2014
  • Erasmus study exchange, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, 2013


Selected projects

Study on changing work patterns and the online and platform work in the six Eastern Partnership countries (ETF, 2020-2021);

Gender equality prospects in labour markets transformed by artificial intelligence and platform work - Review of the BPfA (EIGE, 2020-2021);

Study on consumer behaviour towards digital platforms as a means for communication (BEREC, 2020-2021).

Study on the benefits of using social outcome contracting in the provision of social services and interventions – a cross-country comparative assessment of evolving good practice in cross-sectoral partnerships for public value creation (European Commission, DG EMPL, 2019-2020);

Project on “Strengthening Community Resilience and Regional Cooperation for Prevention of Violent Extremism Conducive to Terrorism in Central Asia”, (United Nations Development Programme, 2019);

Study on “Support to the Observatory for the Online Platform Economy” (European Commission, DG CONNECT, 2019-2021);

Exploring Digital Government Transformation in the EU: understanding public sector innovation in a data-driven society (European Commission, JRC, 2018-2020);

Online Panel Survey on dynamic work patterns in digital labour platforms (European Commission, JRC, 2018);

Dynamics and impacts of Social Policy Innovation on the resilience of local ecosystems (European Commission, JRC, 2017-2018);

Support study for a pilot project for the development of digital skills through internships (European Commission, DG CONNECT, 2017-2018);

Online Panel Survey on digital labour platforms targeting EU citizens/service providers (European Commission, JRC, 2017);

Evaluation of the EU Agencies under the remit of DG EMPLOYMENT: EUROFOUND, CEDEFOP, ETF and EU-OSHA (European Commission, DG Employment, 2017);

Analysis of the perception of the EU and EU’s policies abroad (European Commission, DG COMM, 2015);

Study on National policies and strategies on sustainable work over the life course (Eurofound, 2015);

Study on Delivering public services: a greater role for the private sector? (Eurofound, 2014-2015);


Selected publications

Gineikytė, V., Barcevičius, E., Cibaitė, G. (2020), Business user and third-party access to online platform data.  Analytical paper No 1 for the EU Observatory on the Online platform Economy. Available at:

Gineikytė, V., Barcevičius, E., Matulevič, L. (2020), Platform data access and secondary data sources. Analytical paper No 1 for the EU Observatory on the Online platform Economy. Available at:

Barcevičius, E., Cibaitė, G., Codagnone, C., Gineikytė, V., Klimavičiūtė, L., Liva, G., ... & Vanini, I. (2019). Exploring Digital Government transformation in the EU. European Commission, JRC. Available at

Egidijus Barcevičius, Vaida Gineikytė, ‘Support study for a pilot project for the development of digital skills through internships’, Final Report. Available at



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