Šarūnas Domarkas

Šarūnas joined PPMI as a research assistant in October 2020 and became a Junior Researcher in July 2021. He is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree as a 3rd-year student at VU TSPMI (Institute of International Relations and Political Science at Vilnius University). After a few years of studying medicine and active involvement in local and international activities of the Lithuanian Medical Students' Association, Šarūnas discovered his passion for public policy and decided to change his academic/professional path. Considering his interest in both public policies and the healthcare sector, Šarūnas supports health-related projects at PPMI.


Selected Projects

External Evaluation to monitor progress towards the objectives of the Global AMR R&D Hub (German Centre for Infection Research (DZIF), 2019 – 2021)

Study on the use of real-world data (RWD) for research, clinical care, regulatory decision-making, health technology assessment, and policy making (European Commission, DG RTD, 2019 – 2021)

Study supporting the Impact Assessment of the revision of the EU legislation on medicines for children and rare diseases (2021 – ongoing)

E-solution:NOWORRIES Agency Developing esthetics.