Rahel Katalin Turai

Ráhel joined PPMI in August 2021 as a gender equality policy researcher. She has an educational background in sociology and gender studies, as well as hands-on experience both in project management and research on gender inequality in education and care. In 2018, Ráhel earned a Ph.D. in Comparative Gender Studies at Central European University. Her main areas of interest are violence against women, global inequalities, and sexual and reproductive rights. Ráhel is experienced in qualitative and quantitative research methods (desk research, interviews, discourse analysis, surveys). She taught in higher education and worked for academic journals. She has recently completed the Hungarian national report for the UniSAFE project “Gender-based violence including sexual harassment in research organisations and universities”. Ráhel is a native speaker in Hungarian and proficient in English.

Selected projects

Framework Contract for the provision of external expertise in the fields of ex-ante impact assessment, ex-post evaluation, estimating European added value and stress testing of EU policy: Civil liberties, justice and home affairs, legal affairs, constitutional affairs, women’s rights and gender equality (European Parliament, 2019 – on-going)

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