Iselin Berg Mulvik

Iselin Berg Mulvik works as a researcher in PPMI. Iselin works on inclusive and transformative education policies. She collects diverse data on global trends, attitudes and values to evaluate how education systems fare on the sustainable development goals and 21st century skill development. Before joining PPMI, Iselin worked as a research assistant and researcher on several topics including childhood poverty, labour market policies, conflict resolution, migration and international aid to natural disasters. Before researching these topics, Iselin showed high dedication to developmental, environmental and gender-sensitive approaches through human rights work in Europe and abroad. She has a bachelor’s degree in comparative politics that she completed in South-Africa, Norway and Turkey, and a master’s degree in social policy research from England. Besides being a native Norwegian, understanding Swedish and Danish, Iselin has proficiency in English, intermediate knowledge of Turkish, and basic knowledge of Spanish and Russian.



  • MSc in Social Policy and Research, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, England, 2018
  • Exchange semester (Erasmus), Bosporus University, Istanbul, Turkey, 2015-2017 and Telemark College, Cape Town, South-Africa, 2014
  • BA in Comparative Politics, Bergen University, Bergen, Norway, 2014-2017


Selected projects

Study to investigate ‘Education for Social Change: The role of Education Trade Unions in addressing sustainable environmental development’ (ETUCE, ongoing, coordinating role)
Study to investigate the national and institutional policies and approaches to education for environmental sustainability (EES) in the EU (DG EAC, coordinating role)
A global online survey of teachers’ readiness to integrate Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Global Citizenship Education (GCED) into their teaching (UNESCO, coordinating role)
Pilot study on educational innovation around Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) – phase 1 (DG RTD, coordinating role)
A multi-country study on the role of teachers in ensuring safe and non-violent learning environments (UNESCO, coordinating role)
Creativity – a transversal skill for lifelong learning. An overview of existing concepts and practices (DG JRC)
Migrant Education Agenda Literature Review and Discourse Study (SIRUS/NESET)
Prospective Report on the Future of Assessment in Primary and Secondary Education (DG EAC)

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