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Regional Development Projects

Regional policy has many meanings as countries vary in terms of challenges faced at the regional level as well as legal and financial powers vested in the regional authorities. In many countries the key policy trade-off has been between cohesive development across regions versus exploiting the advantages of agglomeration. Countries and regions have been implementing policies aimed at reducing disparities, improving the quality of life, fostering their competitive advantages and dealing with the economic crises. We have extensive experience of working with authorities at various levels of government on regional policy issues. We can help regional authorities to prepare strategic development plans, investment strategies and involve stakeholders into policy making. We carried out studies concerning the impact of regional policy and consulted stakeholders on integrating the horizontal regional policy measures into other relevant policies. We conducted ex-ante, ongoing and ex-post evaluations of interventions supported by the EU structural and investment funds and provided advice on monitoring, programming and implementation of EU-funded measures.


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