Vicious circle? The circular migration of Lithuanians

The research "Vicious Circle? The Circular Migration of Lithuanians" analysed the scale and patterns of circular migration and examined the motivation of both return and repeated migration of Lithuanians. Since 1990s Lithuania has experienced very high rate of emigration with somewhat more recent increase of return migration, which leads to all kinds of important questions concerning the effects of this process on Lithuanian economy and on the migrants themselves. The research used both quantitative and qualitative methods: review of the migration studies conducted in Lithuania and other Central East European countries, statistical analysis of the data from a representative survey of Lithuanian inhabitants and return migrants, life–story interviews with the returnees, analysis of public/ media discourse with regard to the circular migration. In 2012, research team published a book “Vicious Circle? Return and Repeated Migration of Lithuanians“ (in Lithuanian) based on the research results. Individual chapters of the book provided an overview of theories dealing with return migration, analysed migration statistics, examined the effects of return migration on human capital of Lithuanian labour force and discussed national policy measures in the area of return migration. In the concluding chapter the authors provided recommendations on future development of Lithuanian migration policy.

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