Technical assistance services to the Managing and Certifying Authority

Assistance provided by PPMI to the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania

What was the problem?

Lithuania’s investments in public interventions have not produced the expected results in terms of EU added value. Lithuanian ministries agreed that to increase the impact of public interventions and to develop new actions, it was necessary to optimise the administration of the European Union Investment Funds.


What did PPMI do?

Over the period 2014–2017, PPMI implemented 65 tasks commissioned by Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania. Depending on the task, PPMI employed different methods, including interviews, desk research, surveys, statistical analysis, cost-benefit analysis and others. Consultations were provided in the form of methodological publications, strategic guidelines, reports, risk management analysis and others.


How did it contribute to solving the problem?

PPMI’s consultations contributed to the wider application of simplified cost options in the implementation of projects funded under the ESF. They also resulted in a better understanding of the ways in which applicants and beneficiaries should apply horizontal principles in the activities of European Union Structural Investment Funds. In addition, some tasks supported public policy planning and implementation in Lithuania. For example, one task provided policy makers with strategic guidelines on how to further implement the transition from institutional care to family and community services for people with disabilities and children without parental care.



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