Study on policy measures to encourage return of economic emigrants to Lithuania

Lithuania has been experiencing rapidly increasing emigration of mostly working age population since the country's accession to the EU in 2004. The study aimed at improving understanding of emigration reasons and likely consequences for the country as well as at proposing policy measures that would encourage Lithuanians living abroad to preserve their national identity and eventually to return to Lithuania. The research team:

  • Analysed emigration and return migration trends (extent, motives, obstacles, etc.) among Lithuanians based on the desk research of the available data sources and in-depth interviews with policy makers and migrants;
  • Reviewed relevant EU and national policies and policy documents;
  • Studied practices of other countries in fostering return migration of their citizens; 
  • Provided recommendations on the action plan to encourage return migration and successful reintegration of Lithuanian emigrants that became one of the first attempts to develop systematically national migration policy.

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