Network of experts on the social dimension of education and training (NESET) 2015

In January 2015 PPMI began coordinating the Network of experts on the social dimension of education of training (NESET II), commissioned by the Directorate General for Education and Culture (DG EAC).

The overall purpose of the NESET II network is to provide rigorous and independent scientific support (including country-specific expertise) and advice from the research community to the European Commission in relation to equity and social aspects of all types and levels of education and training. Being the successor to the NESSE (2007-2010) and NESET (2011-2014) networks of experts, NESET II consists of more than 50 highly qualified researchers and education policy specialists covering complementary areas of expertise in education and training and representing a wide range of European countries. 2015 was the first year of NESET II activities, therefore PPMI had to set up the Network infrastructure, establish working relationships, and develop effective collaboration procedures. This provided the basis for the following outputs produced by the Network in 2015:

  • Three long analytical reports to strengthen the Commission’s knowledge-base in the selected policy areas.
  • Two professional development seminars for the European Commission staff to enhance the knowledge on the selected topics.
  • Responses to the three ad-hoc questions, prepared for the European Commission by the Network’s pool of experts.
  • A quality multilingual and user-friendly website to serve as a main channel for the dissemination of the Network’s outputs (
  • Database of researchers working on social aspects of education and training. 

Lastly, in 2015 NESET II presented new developments in the social field of education to the European Commission in the form of high quality ‘teasers’, aimed to raise new issues and serve as reference points for the future Network activities.

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