Labour mobility within the EU: impacts of return migration

The interest in the return migration of mobile workers from the Central and Eastern European (CEE) Member States of the EU started to grow at the time of the financial crisis of 2007-2008. This research explored to what extent this has happened by generating new empirical evidence, not only through the analysis of the existing statistical data and literature, but also through interviews with returnees, policymakers and experts on migration. The four CEE countries considered were Hungary, Latvia, Poland, and Romania. The case studies provided rich qualitative data on the returnees' motivations to return, as well as the circumstances in their home countries encouraging or deterring the return migration. The study also provided new insights into labour market outcomes of mobility for returnees, as well as existing policies to help returnees reintegrating into the labour market. The research report "Labour mobility within the EU: The impact of return migration" is available for download from the Eurofound website.

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