External evaluation of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE)

The evaluation assessed the impact of the Institute on the promotion of gender equality. It included an analysis of relevance, sustainability, effectiveness, efficiency (including appropriateness of management structure), added value (impact), coordination and coherence (including synergy effects) of the contribution made by the Institute. The evaluation took into account the views of the stakeholders at the Community and national level. 

The evaluation team:

  • evaluated the effectiveness, efficiency and value added of EIGE;
  • assessed the overall ability of EIGE to sustain its results and meet future challenges;
  • defined the barriers and obstacles to optimal performance;
  • identified actions necessary to improve overall performance and added value;
  • suggested actions to eliminate or reduce possible inefficiencies;
  • identified actions to improve the Institute's governance;

discussed options for modifying or extending remit of the Institute, including the financial implications.

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