Ex-post evaluation of the Health theme in FP7

The main objective of this evaluation was to assess the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of the research projects funded under the Health theme of the 7th Framework Programme (FP7). The results of this evaluation fed into the ex–post evaluation of FP7. More specifically the project aimed to:

  • measure if the funded projects used the resources efficiently;
  • determine the extent to which the projects attained their objectives and achieved intended results;
  • evaluate how well the funding has been converted into results and impacts;
  • assess the impact and achievements of the Health Theme against the strategic objectives of FP7.

The evaluation was based on a mix of quantitative and qualitative analyses: content analysis of the project reports, social network analysis, dynamic topic modelling, bibliometric analysis, cluster analysis and interviews with the project beneficiaries and key stakeholders of the programme at the EU level. PPMI'sevalaution team developed a specific topic model tailored to FP7 Health which helped to assess the timeliness of the research performed. FP7 Health's performance was benchamrked to the trends in NIH and PubMed. Another key achievement of the project included assessment of FP7 Health's structuring effect on the ERA. A novel analytical approach was adopted whereby PPMI and other experts quantified the extent to which FP7 Health's projects continued colalboration after the end of EU funding, and whether the same collaborations existed prior to the projects.

E-solution:NOWORRIES Agency Developing esthetics.