Evaluation of impact and effectiveness of the EU Structural Funds’ support implementation in the Environmental sector

The overall objective of the project is to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of the SPD Measure No. 1.3 support implementation, as well as to evaluate current and perspective qualitative changes in the environmental sector and to provide conclusions and recommendations for the more purposeful and efficient distribution of the different environmental activities‘ support in the 2007-2013 programming period.
Specific objectives of the project are:
1. To evaluate Lithuanian social-economic situation and changes related to EU Structural funds implementation;
2. To evaluate the effectiveness of SPD Measure No. 1.3 implementation (to compare intended and factually achieved targets, as well as qualitative and quantitative measures);
3. To evaluate the implementation of horizontal priorities (sustainable development, regional development, equal opportunities, information society);
4. To identify the projects of the best practice;
5. To evaluate the impact/results of the implementation of SPD Measure No. 1.3 in these areas:
• Water supply and wastewater management;
• Management of past pollution and clean-up polluted areas;
• Establishment and management of protected and non-protected areas;
• Strengthening of environmental monitoring, enforcement and prevention capabilities;
• Environmental awareness raising and education.
6. To evaluate compatibility of SPD Measure No. 1.3 with other SPD measures and financial instruments of the European Communities.
Different methods were used to answer the evaluation questions: logical model, surveys, analysis of indicators and financial information, case studies, interviews, literature review, etc

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