European Policy Network of Literacy Organisations

The European Literacy Policy Network (ELINET) is a union of organisations engaged in literacy policy-making and promotion in Europe. ELINET strives to improve literacy policies in 28 European countries. Its ultimate goal is to reduce the number of children, young people and adults with low literacy skills in Europe. More information about ELINET can be found on its website.

ELINET aims to analyse and consult on literacy policies at a local, regional, national, and trans–national level, raising awareness of literacy issues and coordinating campaigns. The network’s approach is truly unique: covering literacy topics across all age-groups and all areas (from classroom education to reading for pleasure). The project’s design combines a top-down approach (research-based standards, guidelines, and material) with a flexible bottom-up approach (analysing good practice examples, supporting existing activities and encouraging new ones). Ultimately, the fruit of this network will include a European framework of good practice in raising literacy levels and a sample of corresponding examples, 30 country reports, tools for awareness raising and fundraising, and a European Literacy platform.

The network was established in February 2014 and received a 3 million Euro grant from the European Commission to complete a two–year work programme. Coordinated by the University of Cologne, ELINET is a conglomeration of 78 literacy policy organisations working in close cooperation. Its consortium includes literacy networks, education ministries, national agencies, international organisations (like UNESCO), foundations, NGOs, universities, research centres, teacher training institutions, volunteer organisations and other stakeholder groups working in the field of literacy. 

PPMI is a partner of this network and works on Team 8 'indicators of success'. In collaboration with Team Fundraising and Team Awareness Raising, this team coordinates the piloting stage of tools previously developed by the aforementioned teams. It also conducts the research on success factors of fundraising and awareness raising campaigns. In 2015 PPMI:

  • prepared a report on the key features of successful awareness raising campaign;
  • carried out two piloting interviews with representatives of literacy organisations from Romania and Finland;
  • implemented three field research visits to literacy organisations in Ireland, Hungary and UK and data collection activities for case studies (interviews and focus groups);
  • engaged in communication about ELINET in Lithuania;
  • contributed to the website by providing descriptions of two case studies, descriptions of success factors, etc.

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