Education for Social Change: The role of Education Trade Unions in addressing sustainable environmental development

The European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE) has contracted PPMI to prepare education trade union affiliates to address environmental questions and climate emergency for sustainable development in education and training through the trade union mechanisms of social dialogue and collective bargaining. The project will map out and analyse the major issues and challenges relevant to the education sector concerning the environment, identify the critical elements of the role of education trade unions in addressing education and environment for social change and sustainable development as a social partner in education, prepare and support education trade unions in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals and principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights dealing with environmental topics, collect and share concrete measures, tools and practices of education trade unions on supporting and building the capacity and knowledge of their affiliates to address environmental issues, develop guidelines for and prepare trade unions at the European and national level to address education and environment for social change and the impact of climate emergency on education and raise awareness on the importance of education on environment and climate emergency for sustainable development among European and national policymakers, education authorities, education employers, parents and other stakeholders in education. 

To achieve these objectives, PPMI will conduct desk research and run a survey with the ETUCE member organisations and stakeholders. The analysis results will be reported in a final study report and guidelines and training material for ETUCE workshops on the topic, of which PPMI will participate.

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