Country factsheets for the Gender Equality Index 2020

The objective of this project was to support the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) with the preparation of factsheets addressing all Member States (+ the UK) and the EU as a whole for the Gender Equality Index 2020. Our team carried out a series of overlapping actions, including an in-depth quantitative analysis of all the Index datasets, the development and piloting of the structure and layout of a factsheet and population of the content. Each factsheet provides a detailed data analysis and visualisations, showing the progress since 2010, positive developments and areas for improvement. In addition, it takes a closer look at digitalisation in the world of work, and the consequences for gender equality.

In collaboration with national researchers from all Member States (+ the UK), we also produced 28 policy briefs that contextualise the Index results in relevant legal and policy developments over the past decade. To this end, national researchers conducted gender analysis of relevant legal and policy documents against the key achievements and challenges shown in the Gender Equality Index scores and indicators. The analysis also covered legal and policy developments relevant to the domain of violence against women and the thematic focus of the Index 2020 on digitalisation in the world of work. An intersectional perspective was applied as a cross-cutting analytical lens.

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