PPMI together with AAPC (Centre for Environmental Policy, Lithuania) will conduct Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) of Lithuanian Partnership Agreement and ESIF Operational Programme 2021-2027. The SEA process examines the interventions planned in the programming documents and may propose any necessary amendments to maximize the environmental benefits of development proposals and to minimize their negative environmental impacts and risks.

This assessment will directly feed into the programming process of European Structural and Investment Fund as well as final versions of Lithuanian Partnership Agreement and Operational Programme 2021–2027, by:

  • analysing of the context of the programming document and likely future trends;
  • identifying an optimal set of specific development objectives and priorities;
  • identifying optimal measures which will best enable achievement of the objectives;
  • providing suggestions to an optimal monitoring and management system;
  • providing for early and effective consultations with the relevant authorities and the concerned public, including citizens and organized stakeholder groups;
  • inform decision-makers about the programming document and its likely impacts.


For more information, please contact PPMI senior researcher Alina Makarevičienė,

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