At the end of August 2020, PPMI has launched a new project, titled “Technical support to improve the capacity for assessing and benchmarking the efficiency of public spending (AT)”, initiated by the DG REFORM of the European Commission and Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance. PPMI will contribute to institutional, administrative and growth-sustaining structural reforms in Austria.

The project aims to support the national authorities in enhancing their capacity to formulate, develop and implement reform policies and strategies and in pursuing an integrated approach ensuring consistency between goals and means across sectors and also to support the efforts of national authorities to define and implement appropriate processes and methodologies by taking into account good practices of and lessons learned by other countries in addressing similar situations.

The project will last fourteen months and the results of the project are expected to improve the capacity of the Federal Ministry of Finance to apply analytical methods for measuring public spending efficiency within key policy-areas and benchmarking across Bundesländer in order to identify potential performance gaps and efficiency gains.

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